The TfI Solution

We deliver a compressing polymer spring that is fitted in the mooring line which leads to:

Cost Down

  • Reduced mooring line length and quantity
  • Reduced weight reduces installation costs

Loads Down

  • Tailored for high energy environments
  • Adapt to changing sea states
  • Decreased loads by up to 70%

Maintenance Down

  • High energy environments increase maintenance
  • Spring reduces wear and tear on mooring lines

TfI Sea Spring

Unrivaled Innovation

  • Patented protected polymer component
  • Reduced loads by ~70%
  • Eliminate snatch loads
  • Lower line fatigue

Custom Design

  • Orcaflex - model the mooring system in the site location
  • Ansys - Spring designed to deliver required response
  • Assembly - Injection molding


  • Short term capital expenditure savings
  • Long term operational expenditure savings


Our Team




We deliver for

Project Developers

Platform Developers

Mooring System Designers

We work with everyone across the supply chain to design a mooring solution that fits needs analysis, feed design, cost benefit analysis, leading to a detailed design.


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